Mitchell I. Klingler is to turn 5 in October.


Kassi Klingler 'Korn' makes splash on channel 2

Kassi performs for the camera as her dance class is filmed for the morning news

She captivates the hostess Alli McKay and steals the show. some other children were also there but you don't even really notice them as Alli asks one girls name twice.


The Links:

We would love for you to see the video by visiting this link But it is not here.

Maybe we can get Keith to insert the video link in here. It really will make you smile to see this wonderful little clip of Kassi stealing the show.


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Josh Gust enrolls in some school in Califonia

I would say more but my memory for the information became corrupted in a recent power outage (I was sick) and now my brain is mush. He is playing baseball there and has relatively good hopes of playing catch with a pitcher or two.